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We need all hands to combat air pollution

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Committed to a green future

Breathing is a birthright, and every day the air we breathe is more and more polluted. We have to stop emissions of chemical pollutants and fine particulates escaping into the atmosphere.

At SOCREMATIC, we love clean air. We will do everything to help industries fighting air pollution. We’re looking for people to grow with us. To define the future of smart water technologies together. And have a real impact on environmental protection. Because every breath counts.

Join us! You will have the chance to work in an environment in a team of air pollution control specialist operating from the heart of France, but with projects everywhere in the MENA region. Our company culture is what makes us apart. Hard-working, looking for smart solutions, no-nonsense and getting the job done. This is what we're praised for. This is what makes us different. Come and join our team. We are looking forward to having you on board.

Spontaneous application

Currently no suitable open vacancy? But you are interested in contributing to our Socrematic story? Please don't hesitate and send us your CV and cover letter. We will contact you if, within one year, we're looking for a profile like you!

Internship application

Looking for an internship assignment matching your higher education? Please send us your cover letter including the necessary practical information so we can see what is possible within Waterleau.

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