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Socrematic Services

Offering peace-of-mind solutions for your air pollution treatment infrastructure.

Your reliable partner for all air treatment solutions

The Socrematic team provides turn-key solutions and a complete set of services adapted to your needs

Process design, engineering and construction of turn-key air pollution control systems

Assessing a sustainable solution for the abatement of chemicals pollutants in air flows? Needing an all-in-one solution for removing noxious sub-stances, sub-micron particulates while quenching exhaust gases? The Socrematic sales and afters ales team provides turn-key solutions and a complete set of services adapted to your needs and designed for the optimization of your air treatment infrastructure:

Design, engineering, and construction of turnkey plants

  • Complete air pollution control systems
  • Aerosol and mist separation equipment
  • Oil mist separation
  • VOC and odor control installations
  • Revamping and upgrade of existing installations

Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Cleaning and repair of equipment
  • Tower internals replacement
  • Organic bio-filter media supply
  • Spare part management


  • Assessment of existing infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies
  • Training in operations and maintenance
  • Compliance

Air treatment pilots for process validation

When assessing the performance of an air pollution treatment process, you would like to keep the option open for testing the treatment design in a controlled and small set-up before going full scale. A range of skidded pilot plants in a variety of air treatment technologies is available for testing and confirming the efficiency of the proposed solution. Our air treatment pilots are also available in a renting-formula for temporary equipment replacement or maintenance works

Fine dust and aerosol removal pilot :

  • Skidded Reither® venturi scrubber with quenching and agglomeration feature
  • Removal of finest aerosols with KIMRE® and BRINK® demister pilot combination

Chemical pollutants removal pilot : skidded WATPACK® vertical scrubber pilot

Fertilizer dust removal and ammonia absorption pilot : skidded KIMRE™ SXF® horizontal scrubber

VOC and odour control pilot : containerized Belair® biofilter pilot

Spare parts and internals replacement.

Despite our high quality standards, a component might wear over the years and might need to be replaced. To guarantee maximum availability of your air pollution control installations, we keep a stock of critical spare parts or components: pumps, valves, spraying nozzles, fans, blowers, compressors etc..

The availability of spare parts is essential to ensure maximum uptime of your air pollution control equipment. Having the right spares in stock will eliminate downtime and extends the plant's overall lifetime. We are used to ship fans, spraying nozzles, valves, pumps etc all over the world without delay.

For more outdated equipment, equipment replacement can be provided. The Socrematic services team will assist you in selecting an appropriate and qualitative alternative. We will be happy to guide you when mounting too.

From worn tower packing to complete equipment replacement, The Socrematic team is keen to help you out.