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KIMRE™ WATMESH mist eliminators

Superior mist elimination and particulate removal

High-efficieny structured media mist elimination from KIMRE™

SOCREMATIC is exclusive distributor of KIMRE™ dust and mist eliminators for Europe.

The KIMRE™ WATMESH® mist eliminators consist of a uniquely interlaced structure of a monofilament material, in a variety of thermoplastic filament material which allows continuous service from -15°C to 204°C. Process corrosion resistance, various style and layers can be combined into single pad as to meet requested efficiency.

For more than 40 years Kimre Inc. has developed different types of pads with unique geometrical texture and efficiency and in various fiber diameters to retain particles and droplet sizes. The requested efficiency depends on the combination of different pad sized as well as fiber diameter.

Being the exclusive European distributor of KIMRE™, we can propose our WATMESH® mist eliminators for many fields of application. It consists in co-knitted multiple layers with different bone-crimp.

Depending on its composition, KIMRE™ mist eliminators offers an extremely low cut-off and high efficiency > 99% @ 1µm.

KIMRE™ B-GON® mist eliminator

B-GON® mist eliminator pads were introduced utilizing a unique structured media developed to address the deficiencies inherent in existing demisting technologies.

The B-GON® demister is comprised of three-dimensionally interlocked plastic monofilaments. The ladder arrangement causes a change in the direction of the vapor flow enhancing droplet removal by impaction, interception and centrifugal actions. B-GON® pads provide the highest performance of any mesh-type mist eliminator with efficiencies as high as 99 % for the removal of 1μm mists.

Features and benefits B-GON® mist eliminator

  • Highest collection efficiency of ANY mesh-type media: > 99 % @ 1 μm
  • Composite pads of various mesh styles process optimization
  • Handling of widest range of gas velocities and contaminant levels
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Lower pressure drops compared to traditional knitted mesh
  • Custom fabrication for any vessel configuration and orientation
  • Cleanable & reusable
  • Wide range of materials available, to meet any level of temperature and corrosion requirements


KON-TANE® packing is a structured interlaced monofilament material, designed to facilitate breakup of the liquid phase, creating maximum surface area for mass transfer with the vapor phase.

KON-TANE® packing produces low pressure drop, prevents liquid holdup on and within the packing and curtails excessive energy use. Due to its inherent rigidity and strength, KON-TANE® can be installed in layered pads using relatively simple supports.

Features and benefits B-GON® mist eliminator

  • Highest liquid to gas ratio available
  • Exceptional mass transfer properties contained in minimal thickness
  • One-piece construction; easy to remove for maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Maintains uniform volume and flow
  • Exceptional transfer in cross-flow scrubbers with minimal pressure drops
  • Can easily be retrofitted in existing equipment

Highest particulate removal and demisting efficiency at lowest pressure drop

Depending on your site-specific flow and pressure drop characteristics, B-GON® and KON-TANE® demisters are available in various filament diameters from the finest 0.005 mm to the coarsest 0.94mm and various void fractions for the highest level of performance at any particle or mist size across a wide range of operating conditions.

Composite pads mist eliminators combining layers with differing mesh coarseness allows achieving the highest particulate removal and demisting efficiency at the lowest pressure drop. Layers composition an thickness can easily be modified to match adapted processes.

  • Material adapted to high temperatures and corrosion

B-GON® mist eliminators and KON-TANE® packing are available in different materials ranging from polypropylene to PVDF-Kynar®, PFA-Teflon®, ETFE-Tefzel®, HTPP and PET for high temperatures up to 230°C or more aggressive chemicals applications.

  • Modular and upgradable system

By adding layers of material, changing the filament diameters, or using a different type of thermoplastic, the systems are easily adapted to new challenges or changing process conditions.

  • Easy maintenance and installation

Often build in a single piece; Pads are made to fit any vessel lay-out. The flexible design allows access through almost any entryway.

  • Aerosep polishing demisting system

Used in combination with our KIMRE™ Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber, this high efficiency solution will further strengthen the overall dedusting efficiency as to obtain extremely efficient polishing demisting system even on very fine and ultra fine particles.

How it works: see the KIMRE™ KON-TANE® scrubbing and B-GON® demisting working priciples in this animated video

Leave your contact details and discover how pollutants, fine particulates and reagent are absorbed in a first scrubbing stage. And how the KIMRE B-GON® demister pads retain the remaining escaping finest droplets from escaping into the atmosphere.

We are exclusive distributor for KIMRE™ products in Europe!

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