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Waterleau France becomes Socrematic

September 21, 2023

New name, same team. New journey!

We are thrilled to announce that our company WATERLEAU France, member of WATERLEAU Group and specialized in air treatment solutions, will return to its original name, SOCREMATIC.

The change of our commercial name will enhance our long-standing reputation in the air treatment market and further promote our strong engineering values.

We, as SOCREMATIC, are staying in course

We will keep developing technologies to fight air pollution. We will continue delivering tailored solutions designed to our client needs…

… We still are the same team of highly motivated and experienced members...

… We remain a valuable and reliable partner.


Even if our commercial name changes, we remain part of the WATERLEAU Group, a global provider of water, wastewater and water recovery solutions.

Please be assured no changes to our ownership or management structure and no disruption to your current business dealings will occur while all contracts and agreements already in

force remain unaffected.

Our new website will help you to stay informed on on our journey to clean polluted air.

Once again, our commitment to You, our valued customer and partner, remains unchanged.

SOCREMATIC will always keep in mind her primary mission statement :

“ to create a better world for future generations… " Every breath counts…

We sincerely thank you for your confidence and trust.


Operational Director Socrematic


CEO Waterleau Group

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