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DYNAWAVE® Reverse Jet Scrubber

Reverse jet scrubber for treating dirty hot gases.

The first all-in-one wet scrubber

The DynaWave® reverse jet scrubber is designed to solve air pollution control problems requiring reliable operation with dirty, hot gases. Reverse Jet scrubbers are particularly reliable in dirty environments and characterized with high collection efficiencies.

DynaWave® is the only wet gas scrubbing process that can use a variety of reagents and accomplish multiple functions in one scrubber:

  • SO2 acid gas absorption

  • quenching of incoming gas
  • particulate removal
  • oxidation

Three of the functions take place in a unique area known as the Froth Zone. The fourth function, oxidation, is achieved in situ in the vessel sump. In many conventional scrubbers or simple caustic scrubbers, each function occurs in a different area of the vessel, or outside the scrubber altogether.

DynaWave® reverse jet injector for efficinent gas cleaning.

The DynaWave® Reverse Jet scrubber design consists of an inlet barrel equipped with one or two reverse jet injectors which are very large bore, open throat nozzles, designed to create a zone of intense mixing for maximum pollutant removal, followed by a mist eliminator system.

  • The feed gas stream enters the top of a vertical duct and collides with the scrubbing liquid that is injected upward through a reverse jet nozzle.
  • The reverse jet nozzle is a very large bore, open throat nozzle that creates a full cone liquid flow essential to producing the required froth zone which maximizes the removal of pollutants and guarantees efficient gas cleaning.
  • The froth zone creates a very high rate of liquid surface renewal and efficiently quenches the gas to the adiabatic saturation temperature and absorbs dusts and acids.
  • Even under upset conditions, the scrubber is capable of quenching hot gases up to 400°C depending on the material. The reverse jet nozzle, designed to create the froth zone, is fabricated using Teflon or silicon carbide to resist erosion.
  • After contacting, the gas liquid mixture enters a separation vessel where the liquid drops the the sump of the vessel and the gas exits the vessel through a vane demisting device.
  • The collected liquid is recycled back to the circulation pump and flows to the reverse jet nozzles.

DynaWave® Reverse Jet Scrubber benefits

DynaWave® benefits:

  • Large turndown ratio
  • Quench, acid gas absorption, and particulate removal in one vessel
  • Ability to handle high solids levels without plugging
  • Unique design providing removal of very high acid gas concentrations
  • Capability of handling high inlet gas temperature
  • High on-stream reliability
  • Simple operation, low maintenance and little operator attention required
  • Very competitive total installed cost
  • Small footprint
  • Can be designed with a variety of reagents
  • Installed experience in similar applications


  • Gas flow: up to 1 000 000 m³/h
  • Particle size distribution: > 0,5 µm
  • Inlet dust concentration: 100 g/m³


  • Handles huge dust loads
  • No plugging: large open bore liquid injectors – non-restrictive open vessel
  • Reduced bleed, by operating a high solid concentration in the recirculating liquid
  • Multiple functions in one scrubber (gas cooling, dust abatement, gaseous pollutants absorption)
  • Broad turn-down ratio
  • Low maintenance
  • Possible use of a variety of reagents (NaOH, Ca(OH)2, CaCO3, Mg(OH)2 , H2O2 for absorption

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