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KIMRE™ SXF® Horizontal Cross-Flow scrubber

Treating ammonia from urea granulation exhaust

Gaseous pollutants absorption in a high-efficiency horizontal cross-flow scrubber.

As to treat the ammonia exhaust from the urea dust granulation process, SOCREMATIC has designed a highly innovative WATPACK® Semi-Cross Flow Scrubbers system, based on SXF® KIMRE™ scrubber design using exclusive KON-TANE® absorption and B-GON® demisting packing offering high efficiency, low pressure drop, and low power usage.

The term “semi cross-flow” refers to the scrubbing liquid running down the mesh as the gas flows through it perpendicularly. This type of scrubber employs co-current scrubbing liquor sprays onto the vertical face of the media for each stage of the cross-flow design.

The SXF® KIMRE™ Scrubber is configured for a horizontal flow where the gas to be cleaned contacts a series of wet stages of WATPACK® mass transfer media developed and supplied by KIMRE™ Inc. The dirty gas flows horizontally through the scrubber through a set of pre-conditioning sprays followed by a series of KON-TANE® Scrubber and packing stages. The pre-conditioning sprays mainly provide cooling and saturation of the gas while the KON-TANE® packing provides exceptional mass transfer for various gas scrubbing and absorption applications.

The design of an SXF™ scrubber can accommodate a series of independent, individual scrubbing and absorption processes in one common
vessel. While the design is optimum for services prone to pluggage due to heavy particulate loading, various other applications will benefit from this unique scrubber.

The SXF® KIMRE™ Scrubber assures efficient scrubbing, as well as high particulate collection efficiency.

Socrematic is exclusive distrubutor of KIMRE™ products for Europe

KIMRE™, KON-TANE® and B-GON® are KIMRE Inc trademarks

See the 3D animation with the KIMRE™ SXF scrubber in operation

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