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WATPACK® Scrubber

High-efficiency and low-footprint ammonia or sulfur dioxide removal from flue gases

High-efficiency ammonia and sulfur dioxide removal with WATPACK® packed bed scrubber

Our WATPACK® scrubber is a small footprint and high-efficiency packed bed, wet scrubber for the removal of acids, soluble gases, chemicals and fumes.

Acid/alkaline gases can be absorbed by our vertical counter flow WATPACK® packed scrubber using the corresponding reagent. In both cases, the vertical assembly is a counter-flow design with contaminated gas flowing upwards and recirculating liquid spraying downward into the packing media. The equipment for both treatments is identical, the injected soluble reagent however, is adapted for the abatement of the specific chemicals in the gas flow. Our WATPACK® range is particulary adapted for

  • Desulphurization of flue gas, the WATSOx®
  • Ammonia removal WATMONIA®

The use of wetted media increases the liquid-gas contact and improves component mass transfer. Gaseous contaminants are absorbed by the liquid due to solubility levels or by chemical reaction.

During SO2 abatement, air can be injected into the bottom of the re-circulation tank as to oxidize sulfides into sulfates.

Advantages WATPACK® packed scrubber

The WATPACK® packed bed scrubber is a high-efficiency and small footprint solution offering several advantages

  • High pollutant mass transfer
  • Low pressure drop
  • High range-ability
  • Possible use of a variety of reagents (NaOH, H2O2…)
  • Reduction or absence of bleed depending on the reagent used in the system
  • Low maintenance

WATSOx®: removal of sulfur dioxide from flue gases

The WATSOx® unit is specifically designed for SO2 removal in flue gas. Like all scrubber columns, the WATSOx® unit is equipped with reagent sprayers and absorption packing.

Reagent sprayers

  • The sulfur dioxide will be absorbed with several options for the reagent such as hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 or caustic soda, or NaOH.
  • The main advantage for the treatment solution using hydrogen peroxide is the production of diluted sulfuric acid as bleed, and so resulting into a zero emission treatment unit.

WATPACK® Absorption packing

  • The gas goes through one stage packed bed WATPACK® chosen for its efficiency and which is characterized by an important liquid/gas transfer area.
  • Every absorption stage of WATPACK® will have a more concentrated recirculated solution compared to the next stage as to achieve the final expected concentration of pollutant in the exhaust gas flow.

A recirculated washing solution is injected counter current to perform chemical pollutant absorption. The scrubbing solution is recirculated into the column.

In the case of specific SO2 abatement, air can be injected directly into the bottom of the re-circulation tank as to oxidize sulfites into sulfates.

WATMONIA® Ammonia removal from fertilizer plant exhausts

Our WATMONIA® scrubber is designed for the ammonia removal in fertilizer plant exhausts.

To limit construction footprint, the WATMONIA® scrubber can be integrated with the WATTRAY® scrubber into a single staged combination for urea dust and ammonia abatement.

The gas goes through two or more stages of WATPACK® packing chosen for its efficiency and characterized by an important liquid/gas transfer area.

Depending on the ammonium concentration, several absorption stages will be configured into the WATMONIA® scrubber.

With each absorption stage of WATPACK® medium, the concentrated Ammonium Sulphate recirculated solution will be less concentrated compared to the the next stage until the final allowed concentration of pollutant in the exhaust gas flow is achieved.

The first absorption stage will absorb a major part of the NH3, in order to form a bleed at 40% wt. of Ammonium Sulphate. To reduce to the formation of acidic ammonium sulphate aerosols before the exhaust of the scrubber, up to 90% of the NH3 will be treated in the first absorption stage.

A second or third absorption stage will be used as polishing stage, to treat the excess ammonia remaining in the gas flow and create a zero ammonia emission system.

Zero waste solution for sulphur dioxyde treatment

The WATPACK® packed bed scrubber is a smart solution for a particular application and regenerative flue gas desulfurization using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with sulfuric acid (H2SO4) production

The absorption of SO2 using hydrogen peroxide is a simple method to remove SO2 from effluent gases. The reaction between SO2 and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be simplified as follows:

SO2 + H2O2 -> H2SO4

The main advantage of this scrubber system is avoiding liquid waste because the H2SO4 produced in the scrubber system can be reused in the production process resulting into a zero waste treatment unit.