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Flue Gas Treatment

Treating noxious pollutants from gaseous effluents and flue gases.

Stand-alone and combined flue gas treatment systems

Flue gas is a by-product of burning fossil fuels. Flue gas treatment essentially involves a post-combustion process. The composition of flue gas depends on the specific fuel that’s being burnt. Waste and sludge treatment, co-incineration and power plants generate hot gaseous effluents or flue gases containing acid, soluble salts and dusts mixed with heavy metals, dioxins and other pollutants.

Socrematic offers various technologies to meet the most stringent regulation emissions, as stand-alone solutions or in combined set-ups for very toxic exhaust flows.

  • Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
  • Wet and dry scrubbing
  • Activated carbon filters for dioxins and furans absorption etc.

As different processes can be used to treat flue gas, also different chemicals may be used. These include sodium sulphate , trona, lime, calcium carbonate, urea, sodium bicarbonate etc.

Flue gas treatment applications for every industry

Over the years, we have implemented a enviable track-record of flue gas treatment projects in very diverse industries and designed for managing the complete air treatment process.

  • Waste and sludge treatment
  • Co-incineration and power plants
  • Chemical, medical waste incineration
  • Steel and Iron industry, such as Zinc smelter, Precious metals refining, copper industry, aluminum idustry
  • Sugar factory
  • Sulfuric acid plant
  • Nuclear
  • Energy & Biogas
  • Cement industry
  • Silicats and sands, glass production, lime & calcium

Socrematic flue gas treatment technologies

Socrematic offers a series of robust and proven wet scrubbing technologies for flue gas treatment:

DynaWave® scrubber: equipped with multiple reverse jets, designed for handling dirty hot gasses, the DynaWave® scrubber technology is an excellent fit for complying with stringent regulation

Reither® scrubber: high-efficiency, variable venturi wet scrubber for separation of sub-micron level particles

Hybrid Reither® scrubber: combining jet-washer and venturi technology for treating sub-micronic dusts with low pressure drops

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